Try these 5 easy origami projects with your kids

Origami is a great activity to hone your children’s fine motor skills, and they’ll love the feeling of accomplishment when they’ve created something that isn’t just fun to look at, but also a work of art in and of itself.


Try these 5 beginner-level origami projects the next time you are looking for something to keep the little hands busy.

Cats and dogs



Kids love pets, and they’ll love recreating Rufus and Garfield in paper form. When they’re done, have them use felt pens and colouring pencils to decorate the animals to match their actual pets.

An origami butterfly


Creating this butterfly requires a little more dexterity than folding the origami cats and dogs, but the results are worth it.

Paper boats


These paper boats have been a favourite among children for generations, and it’s easy to see why. This is great if you have a stream running next to the house, but a swimming pool or bath will work just as well. Teach the kids about the currents and wind when playing with their boats, and you’ll get a science lesson in as well.

Water bombs


You’ll remember these water bombs from your own childhood, and we bet the kids will enjoy them just as much as you did. If you can’t remember the folding instructions, have a gander here.

Fox-faced bookmarks


Avid little readers will fall in love with this bookmark that looks like a fox, and its super easy too. The bookmark fits neatly on the corner of a page, and this is how to fold it.



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