This is how Supernanny deals with troubled kids

Jo Frost is a professional nanny and the prime mover in the early-2000s Channel 4 hit series, Supernanny. Hugely popular, the show sees Frost visit homes where parents are struggling with behavioural issues in their children, and advises them on alternative ways of disciplining their children and restore order to their households.

Frost often deals with extreme problems, but many of the issues she addresses as Supernanny are not unfamiliar to most parents. Here are some of the cases showcased in Supernanny, and advise on how to handle them.

1. Naptime troubles

Setting (and sticking to) a routine has the power to completely change a child’s difficult behaviour, and naptime is an essential part of the regimen of child rearing.


2. Fussy eaters

Fussy eaters can turn mealtime into an ordeal, rather than the time of reflection and relaxation that it should be. When it comes to meals, the onus is on parents to introduce children to vegetables and other healthy foods, instead of giving in to their preferences without a second thought.


3. Jealous siblings

Kids often act out when they feel like they’re not getting the attention they so deeply crave, and this can lead to extreme behavioural issues in some children.


4. Aggression

Violent and aggressive behaviour is often the result of a lack of established rules that are not consistently followed through on.

5. No regard for authority

Parents are authority figures in the home, and children should see them as such, rather than disregarding their authority altogether.


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