What makes a good nanny?

When you’re on the hunt for someone to look after the kids, it is entirely reasonable to expect this person to be trustworthy – they will be taking care of your nearest and dearest, after all.


But what other characteristics does a good nanny have, and what should you look for before deciding to hire someone?




Being a nanny entails a great many different responsibilities, and often these aren’t always fun. When looking for a good nanny, you are looking for someone who is always enthusiastic about the job, not just when it comes to having fun with the kids.


A love of children


This should seem obvious, but a love for children is an indispensable characteristic in a good nanny, and also something that should shine through from the moment you meet them.


A nurturing heart


Being sensitive of your child’s specific needs and tailoring the way they act as his or her caregiver means that a potential candidate has a nurturing heart. There is no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to kids, and good nannies understand this.


Common sense


Every day, your nanny will have to make many decisions pertaining to your child’s health and safety, and more mundane things like what’s for lunch. You want someone that will be able to seamlessly make logical decisions in any situation.




Punctuality is non-negotiable. You want someone who will arrive to work on time, and be able to keep to pick-up and drop-off times at school and after-school activities.




While they should be able to stick to a schedule, good nannies are also flexible and will be willing to jump in and adapt when something comes up and you aren’t able to attend to your children.


The ability to communicate well


How succinctly your nanny communicates with you and how clearly they understand your needs are paramount. A good nanny is one that is not afraid to ask questions, and who often shares information regarding your child with you.




Gauging a potential candidate’s reliability is easy when you ask for references. If anything indicates that this person may sometimes not arrive for work without a good reason, steer clear!




When hiring a nanny, you aren’t just trusting someone to take good care of your children – you are also trusting someone in your home, with your possessions and often even with your car. Trustworthiness is another characteristic that is inviolable.


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