create your own "Master Chef" in your kitchen

Find Your Jane offers cooking courses for your Domestic Worker, Nanny or Care Worker to help give you extra peace of mind when it comes to feeding your family!

Employee Cooking Course Details - Cost: R1800

The cooking classes will mainly focus on the preparation and cooking of traditional South African dishes, including hygiene in the kitchen and table setting.

Dishes will include such as, Bototie & Yellow rice, Chicken pie, Pumpkin fritters, Crumbed steak, Caramel sweet potatoes, oven roasted potatoes, Veggie Bake, Green pea salad, and many more... Students will also learn how to prepare salad, Buttermilk rusks and Bran rusks and Peanut Butter biscuits.

On the sweeter side, puddings and tarts will include Malva pudding and Peppermint crisp tart.

Keep Calm & Let Nanny Handle It

Find Your Jane also offers Nanny Courses!

Nanny Course Details - Cost: R1700

The course covers:


Class 1:  Hygiene, nanny's health, telephone etiquette, emergency numbers, sterilizing bottles, thrush, baby/child bath, packing baby's bag, sleep routine and potty training. 


Class 2:  Feeding, snacks, treats, safety in and around the house, discipline and stimulation of baby.


Class 3:  Sick baby/child, giving medicine, taking temperature and first aid which includes CPR of a baby and young child and choking.


~ Kindly Contact us for Training Dates ~

Play Stimulation Course

Find Your Jane offers Play Stimulation Courses for you or your nanny!

Play Stimulation Course Details - Cost: R2000


Children are never too young to start learning, with this course we have 3 year old's reading and building short sentences already! The class is perfectly suited for nannies and parents who care for children from 0 – 6 years old. Some of the games are very basic but get more involved as the child gets older. We play all the games in the class so that your child’s caregiver is confident to go home and play with your little ones for hours.

  • 2 Day Course
  • Book You or Your Nanny
    (0 –6 years old)
    • Colours
    • Shapes
    • Numbers
    • My Body
    • Animals
    • Food
    • Talk your Child Clever
    • Reading to a Child
    • The importance of reading
    • Age Appropriate Stimulating Activities
    • Teaching your Child Responsibility
    • Movement
    • Arts and Crafts
    You or your nanny will receive:
    • Illustrated Manual
    • Learning Through Play Certificate
    • Refreshments and Lunch

~ Kindly Contact us for Training Dates ~


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